Honnavar "school girl assault case": Truth stands exposed

ವಾರ್ತಾ ಭಾರತಿ : 18 Dec, 2017

Honnavar :  The recent case of 'assault on a school girl' at Honnavar which created tense moments, has now taken a new twist. The girl who had not prepared for the exams had inflicted injuries on herself using the  thorns  of a lemon plant, informed District Superintendent of Police Vinayaka Patil.

Honnavar which was tense following communal strifes recently after the  death of Paresh Mesta, also saw many more anxious moments due to  rumours spread through social sites. The IGP had clarified that all rumours were false after the post-mortem report of Paresh Mesta had  revealed the facts.

In later developments, tension prevailed after reports emerged that  a girl was  attacked with knives  at Honnavar. No sooner this news  spread like wild fire all shops in Honnavar had downed their shutters. Social sites were rife with rumours saying "Girl stabbed by burqa clad assailants."

Now the SP has clarified that the girl was not attacked by anyone and that out of fear of exams she had inflicted herself with injuries.  The girl who had repeated the lie which the locals had said, later revealed the truth during enquiry, the SP has said in a communique.

The police had formed a special team to investigate the case and the girl was also questioned in presence of counsellors from Mahila Santwana Kendra.

Here is what the girl revealed during interrogation – She used to go to her school which was  8 kms away from her  house, by walk daily. Every day a man named Ganesh Eshwar Naika, belonging to the girl's own caste, used to harass her. He was   stalking her since about five to six months and used to  pester her to come along with him in his car and bike and even used to threaten her. The girl had narrated this  to her mother out of fear. The girl's mother had informed the GP members and leaders of the  town who had assured to warn Eshwar Naika.

Later, due to Honnavar disturbances the girl had not attended school for four days. On Wednesday when she had telephoned her friend, he came to know that   there were exams in three subjects on Thursday. The girl who had not studied for the exams out of  fear had   caused injury to herself using thorns of lemon plant.

On coming to Magodu she asked a friend to get a bandage. However, when the small bandage was not enough, she asked her friend to get a big bandage. Then, the shopkeeper asked to bring the girl. On seeing the girl, without enquiring her, he had  concluded that  he had seen two men  moving towards Kodlagadde during night time and that one was a bearded person while another was   a lean man and that they had stabbed the  girl. Two others who  came to the shop too substantiated what the shopkeeper had to say and said the men were from another faith. The girl who was in confusion as well as tension initially used the same version when the police questioned her, investigation has revealed.

Doctors who examined the girl too have  clarified that the injuries of the girl were self-inflicted. The girl  has given the same statement even before the court. Presently, a case has been booked under  POCSO  Act against Eshwar Naika who was harassing the girl.

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