My next aim is Karnataka: Jignesh Mevani

ವಾರ್ತಾ ಭಾರತಿ : 20 Dec, 2017
Special Interview : Sa'ad ahmed

Youth leader Jignesh Mevani who registered a big win from the Vadgam reserve constituency in his maiden effort in the Gujarat Assembly election, has attracted the attention of the entire country. Mevani who  contested as an independent and defeated his BJP opponent by a margin of nearly 20,000 votes  is much in news  these days. When Vartha Bharathi got in touch with him, Mevani was heading towards Ahmedabad from his constituency. Amid his busy schedule he made time to speak about his win and share his future plans with Vartha Bharathi. He also revealed that his next target was Karnataka where he  predicts a defeat for the BJP. He says he will soon come to Karnataka and work for the defeat of the BJP.

Excerpts from the interview :

VB :  Congratulations Jignesh, you registered a big win in your first attempt.... How do you feel ?

Jignesh:  Thank you.   My win was fantastic, I am happy. This is a victory of the ordinary and poor people of Gujarat. My joy would have been doubled if BJP was defeated. But we have succeeded in shaking their roots.

VB : Did you expect a win by this huge margin ?

Jignesh : I was expecting a win by  a margin of 5000 votes.  This is a big win for me. This is a victory for the Dalits, Muslims, Backward Classes and all oppressed people of Gujarat. Almost half a dozen parties have campaigned for me. The BJP tried to use all possible force against me and even spent enough money.  Right from PM Modi to Amit Shah as well as  UP and Gujarat CMs, all bigwigs campaigned against  me and hurled false charges. They even hurled ugly allegations that I had received funds from Jihadis.  Finally people's power has won.

VB : What are your priorities as an MLA ?

Jignesh:  My win has increased my responsibilities. I have begun my work right away.  I have submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner seeking to improve the condition of the roads of my constituency which are in a bad shape.

VB : What is the significance of the presence of Jignesh Mevani in Gujarat  assembly ?

Jignesh : Very simple, I will work as a voice of the ordinary people of Gujarat.  I Will respond to the  aspirations of the people. Jignesh means voice of people.

VB : How will you face the BJP  government in the House ?

Jignesh :  They are already in fear (smiles).  I will expose them and  also reveal their false model.  I will show to them what true development means. I will prove to them that alround development  is inclusive of people from all castes, communities.  I will teach a lesson to the BJP.

VB : But Congress could not come to power despite you Hardik Patel and Alphesh coming together. BJP could not be defeated.

Jignesh : It was really unfortunate.  But we have got a moral victory.  BJP which earlier had over 100 seats is now reduced to 99. We will be able to  root out the party from this two digit figure in the next five years. Such a silver lining  has emerged during this elections. It is beyond doubt.

VB : Are you reminded of Gauri Lankesh amid this rejoicement ?

Jignesh : Yes, had she been alive, our joy would have known no bounds. She would have sent  me a flight ticket asking me to come to Bengaluru immediately. She would have arranged a big programme in Bengaluru.  Her memory would always linger.

VB : BJP is saying that the Gujarat result will have an impact  in Karnataka.

Jignesh : Definitely. But BJP will face an utter defeat. I will come to Karnataka very soon and camp there. I will remain there for long and defeat BJP.

VB : After Gujarat elections  there is a debate on EVM. What do you say ?

Jignesh : I prefer ballot paper.

From Una to Gandhinagar .....

Thirty six year  old Jignesh Kumar Natwarlal Mevani,  a Dalit leader who sprang to popularity after the  Una case wherein Dalit youth were brutally assaulted by Gorakshaks, is today a popular youth leader across the nation. The movement launched by Jignesh with the slogan  "You keep the cow's tail, give us our land"  has kicked off a series of Dalit movements across the nation.

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