Ready to enter politics : Prakash Rai

ವಾರ್ತಾ ಭಾರತಿ : 1 Jan, 2018

Bengaluru : " I do not have any political aspirations. But, if pressurised  I am ready to  plunge into  politics.  It  has  its own responsibilities and I would not like to shrug them off," said noted multi-lingual actor Prakash Rai.

He  was speaking after receiving the Man of the year Award conferred on him by the Press Club here on December 31, Sunday. "Karnataka's capital Bengaluru is also known as Bendakaluru. No scope must be given  for peace disruptors  to have their way here. No scope must also be given to those who do not belong here to come here and rule us.  We must question them and   crush  the forces that disrupt peace  by passing information about them" said Prakash.

"I was disturbed  after journalist Gauri Lankesh's murder. It brought much changes in me. Later I  began to speak not just as an actor but as a citizen of this nation. Several have  criticised me, some even personally,. I do not  differentiate between anyone. I have raised several questions through the hash tag  Just Asking. I am not in favour of any party," Prakash Rai clarified.

"I have got wealth, success and everything in life.  I have raised my conscience through my interactions with  my Gurus- Lankesh, Tejaswi and others.  This is why I am questioning the present state of affairs," said Rai.

"Today India is haunted by casteist politics.  There is dictatorship in a democratic land.  Everyone must raise voice against it. Even journalists are living in an atmosphere of fear. Efforts are underway to silence the voices of journalists who raise voice against injustice, oppression and dictatorship. Therefore, as an artiste I am responding  to the society. Everyone must fight against injustice," Prakash Rai said.

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