Thumbay Group’s Terrace Restaurant in Sharjah Launches Karavalli Cuisine

ವಾರ್ತಾ ಭಾರತಿ : 15 Mar, 2018

Thumbay Group’s Terrace Restaurant in Sharjah Launches Karavalli Cuisine

Sharjah:Terrace Restaurant, part of the chain of multi-cuisine restaurants from Thumbay Group’s hospitality division, launched the new Karavalli cuisine at their outlet in Rolla, Sharjah. The chief guest of the launch ceremony was Mr. Nazeer Hussain P., Director – Finance & Budget and Board Member of Thumbay Group along with celebrity guest, Malayalam actress and RJ Ms. Meera Nandan.

Mr. Nazeer and Ms. Meera were introduced to the Karavalli cuisine, a food menu inclusive of dishes from the coastal area of Southwest India. They congratulated Mr. Farhad C., Director – Hospitality Division & Board Member of Thumbay Group for initiating the launch of this distinctive cuisine to the food loving communities based around Sharjah. Mr. Farhad C. explained: “Terrace is an off-shoot of Thumbay Group and has international cuisines on their culinary platter. Taking the destination theme to the next level, we have launched a new cuisine called Karavalli. Essentially, this is cuisine from South India in which we have selected a few key recipes from Kerala, Mangalore, and Goa.  We want this to be a destination restaurant in Sharjah where we cater to the entire mix of nationalities here in the UAE.”

With a core focus on authentic South Indian food that is normally served back home, Mr. Farhad said: “We want to bring the culture back and infuse a homemade feel to it. As Rolla is densely populated with South Indians, we opted to launch a cuisine that caters specifically to this group.”

As a well-known brand name, Terrace is rebranding itself to focus on a specific cuisine, revealed Mr. Farhad, and added: “Instead of generalizing ourselves to an international menu, we want to take it cuisine-wise as a destination restaurant. Within this theme, our next outlet to be launched in Ajman will be Terrace Grills which will have a special focus on grills and barbeque cuisine, keeping in mind the Arab, Indian, and Pakistani communities there. We also have an upcoming Terrace Pinoy which will focus on Filipino cuisine in Satwa, Dubai, catering to the expats from the Philippines.”   

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